Speeches and acts

Speeches and acts are very common during a wedding in Spain
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It's a tradition that the best man and maid of honour hold a speech during the wedding dinner.
Some guests may also do one, do an act, or another surprise.

But it's essential to get the timing right.

During the months of planning, we have created a detailed plan for the wedding, based on the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple.
What they, and we, don't know are the plans made by guests, such as speeches, video's, songs, dances or other acts.
But we must know about all speeches, songs, videos, acts, dances, etc. beforehand.

Only then can we - without telling the wedding couple - include them in our planning.

This allows us to avoid different actions 'clashing' with each other, food being served cold, etc ...

Therefore, please advise us of your plans via this platform, no later than at the planning closing date.

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