Spanish style wedding

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So what is a 'Spanish style wedding'?

Well, even the wedding traditions are not the same across Spain, but here are a few.

Spanish weddings;

  • ... are almost exclusively celebrated on a Saturday. Over the last years, a small minority chooses a Friday.
  • ... are predominantly held in the Roman Catholic church, which is the principal religion in the country, and the population is more religious than in most other European countries.
  • ... are very 'dressed up'. It's unthinkable to go to a wedding in jeans or any other casual attire.
  • ... are often preceded by a procession with musicians playing the Spanish flute.
  • ... often have 'tracas', a type of very loud 'firework' on the ground.
  • ... have the cutting of the cake with a sword. 

Contrary to the perception in many other countries, paella is not a part of the wedding dinner.

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