Read the info and recommendations from the wedding couple

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As their wedding planners, we need to be discrete, so we cannot share specific information about a wedding with guests.

On these pages, we've shared general information with you, which help you to plan your attendance.

It's up to the wedding couple to decide which info they want to share with their guests, and when.

In Yoep-P, they can write a 'guest welcome text' which can be as long as they want.

It can contain all type of info, images, links, etc, and they can change it as often as they want.

For example, in the beginning, only share essential info with you, but as time goes by, share more detailed info.

As wedding planners we don't review, nor are we responsible for the info given by the wedding couple. But we can write an additional 'info from planner to guests' text in Yoep-P.

You can find them in Yoep-P.com

  • Login to Yoep-p.com with your user name and password.
  • you can find these info texts on the home page or by clicking on 'my wedding.'
But we also kindly ask for your help to make their wedding ceremony personal.
We'll never know them as good as you do.

So, kindly click on the 'important info' button, then on the 'edit' icon at the end of the line with your name.
Answer the questionnaire about the wedding couple.

Your info is confidential, and once submitted, can only be seen by us.
We'll gather the info from all guests, and use it to write a personal ceremony for them.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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