Private beach wedding

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Costa Blanca Events has the perfect venues to organise your dream beach wedding in Spain.

Couples often ask if the beach will be private on their wedding day.

Well, in most western countries, beaches are protected as public domain, so they cannot be 'reserved' by anyone.

That being said, we've carefully selected those beaches where the level of privacy is very high.

There can be various reasons for that, and we'll be more than happy to discuss them during a no-obligation video call.

Of course, it also depends on the date. 

During the high season, all beach will be busier than usual.

So to have the beach as private as possible, we recommend avoiding those busiest dates. 

In the case of our exclusive Paradise Cove beach venue, for example, it's because right next to the beach is a hilltop.

Regular tourists avoid that spot because they want to sunbathe.

But for weddings, being dressed up, you'll appreciate the shade, and it makes for better photos.

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