Our placeholder bottle helps your guest to take the right seat at the table
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A placeholder has 2 functions. The primary purpose used to be to show each guest his or her reserved chair for the wedding dinner.

But over the years an increasing number of persons have food intolerances, such as lactose, nuts, seafood, etc.
But also vegetarians, vegans and pregnant women may need a special menu.

Caterers must know these special diet requirements in advance so that on the wedding date, each guest will be served a menu accordingly.
Often this makes it difficult for the waiters to determine which dish to serve to a person.

At Costa Blanca Events we've designed unique placeholder bottles with 3 different functions ;

  1. to show the guest his or her reserved chair
  2. to show the guest that his diet requirements are known to the caterers
  3. to show the waiters the special diet requirements ( if any ) of each guest

The crystal bottle shows the names of the wedding couple and of the guest, table number and chair, and his or her diet requirements.

This bottle can be filled with any liquor, sand, flower (subject to a surcharge). 
After the wedding dinner, this bottle can be taken home as a gift to the guest.

Nowadays, all groups have guests with food intolerances or dietary requirements.
So, to avoid confusion during seating, this service is mandatory for all seated wedding dinners and included in our wedding arrangements.

The design can be customized to your preference (subject to a surcharge). 

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