Guests taking photos in a photocol always leeds to the funniest photos
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A photocol is a setup where guests can take photos.

These photos can be used as a 'photo guest book'.
If so, guests write a wish on the back of the photo.
The photos are then hung in a wish tree, or on a drying line.

In most options, props are included, such as wigs, hats, boa's, glasses, etc.
Especially during the party, this can create some unforgettable images.

What are the options for a photocol?

  1. 1) XXL photo frame.
    This is the cheapest option which consists of a giant suspended photo frame and props.ÇGuests place themselves behind the frame, while another guest takes a photo with his or her smartphone, tablet or photo camera.Ç
    The photos cannot be printed on the spot.
  2. Professional photographer photocol.
    This service can be ordered as an upgrade to your wedding photography package.
    It's usually chosen as a wedding dinner guest welcome photoshoot.
    Guests are asked to pose as they arrive at the wedding dinner, and the photographer takes a photo of each couple.
  3. Sublimation photo printer
    A dedicated photo printer with wifi hotspot is rented for you.
    Guests can make photo's and connect to the printer via wifi to print their photos.
    This service has a fixed cost + a cost per package of photos.
    This service is usually ordered together with one or more of the above options.
  4. Selfie photo kiosk with printer
    With this fully automated photo maton, your guests can take selfies, and they're instantly printed in 10 x 15 cm format.
    They can then write a wish of the photo and hang it in a wish tree or 'laundry drying line.'
    It's also possible to make a 'Boomerang' a sort of mini video of 4 seconds.
    The service includes 3 hours of rent, with a technician and unlimited photo's.
    At the end of the service, the photo's are also delivered on a pen drive.
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