Name of our wedding venues

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Our policy is to be open and transparent and to provide our wedding couples with all relevant information.

So when we created our wedding planner agency, we placed the names, contact data and relevant information of all our venues, accommodations and vendors on our websites.

As a result, our venues and vendors were overwhelmed with info requests, often in languages, they didn't understand.

That created stress for them, and so they've asked us to handle all info and quotation requests for them.

In compensation, we've negotiated exclusive deals with them.

Since then, our wedding couples no longer have to compare prices, since ours are guaranteed to be the lowest.

So, upon their request, we no longer share their contact data.

Our wedding scripts contain all the relevant information about our venues and vendors.

During a video call, or visit to the venues, we explain the possibilities, options and cost in each of them.

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