Music for the wedding ceremony

Our guitar player and singer are magical during a wedding in Spain
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The musical entertainment of a wedding in Spain is of course as important as in any country. 

So what are the options for music when your guests arrive, for the ceremony and for the reception afterwards? 

Our wedding setting includes a sound system, on which we can play the songs you want for the ceremony. 

Contracting live musicians for your ceremony has 3 main advantages.

They start playing about 15 minutes before the ceremony when your guests arrive.

They can fill up the various moments of silence during the ceremony with a short improvisation in the style of the songs you've chosen.

At the end of the ceremony, they continue to play for another 15 minutes.

But last, and certainly not least, live music is so much more emotional then recorded music.

If you've contracted live musicians, you can order them for an extra session, so that they play until the end of the reception.

During the reception, we can play your playlist in MP3 format on the sound system, which is included in our wedding arrangements.

If you've forgotten to bring your playlist, our wedding coordinator always has one too.

Live streaming is not recommended, because often in venues the wifi is not reliable or fast enough.

The sound system comes with a microphone, which is also handy if there are speeches.

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