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When you get married in Spain an open air wedding dance party is almost always possible
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The dance party is for most wedding couples and their guests a vital part of the day.

So they want to make sure that the music is right, but what are the options?

  1. 1) DJ
    This is by far the most chosen option, and in our experience, also the best options.
    And we work with 2 great DJ's, one for international wedding couples, and one for Spanish couples.
    Our main DJ is also the owner of a popular radio station in the Costa Blanca.
    It's his day job to please his listeners with a variety of styles and artists.
    But his best quality is to feel 'the vibe' on the dance floor, and choose his music accordingly so that the party keeps going with a full dance floor.
    He has more than 80000 songs on his hard drive, so he's sure to accommodate any requests.
    But we want to give him a head start.
    Therefore we ask our wedding couples to submit their DJ instructions.
    First dances, of course.
    But also a 'DO' and a 'DO NOT' list, which contains the periods, artists, songs, ... you absolutely want him to play, and the ones you absolutely don't want to hear.
  2. a band
    There are various cover bands in the region, so there surely is one or more you like.
    To avoid complaints from neighbours, after 10 PM venues only allow bands to play indoors.
    During the short break of the band, and after the band has stopped, the DJ takes over.
    However, we often see that this changeover is a moment that guests use to return to their accommodations.
    Therefore, in our experience, hiring only a DJ is not only cheaper but also avoids guests leaving the party early. 
  3. a playlist
    This is an option we absolutely not recommend unless you just want to use it as background music.
    For smaller groups, that can be an option.
    But for a regular dance party, this does not allow for the interaction and choice of music, a DJ needs to keep the dance floor going. 

Music in the open.

Almost all countries have noise restrictions from 10 PM onwards, some a bit later.

Individual licenses are only issued to big or government-organized events, not for weddings.

And since most weddings in Spain are celebrated outdoors until the early hours, this is an important issue.

The solution looks very simple, just avoid complaints.

But that's easier said than done because music reaches very far.

There are 2 options to minimize the risk of complaints so that you can party until the early hours.

  1. 1) Choose a venue which is so isolated, then nobody can complain.
    This is definitely the most efficient solution, but not practical, as you don't want your venue to be that remote.
  2. 2 ) Contract Costa Blanca Events for your wedding.

How do we minimize the risk of complaints?

the answer is a twofold ;

  1. carefully select the venues we work with.
    There is, for example, a great venue in the centre of Altea.
    It's surrounded by thousands of neighbours, so any dance party there can only take place in its very small, indoor disco.
    So we don't work with them.
    Our Paradise cove beach venue, for example, is located next to a hill, which shields neighbours from the music.
  2. Use a unique directional sound system.
    Costa Blanca Events has invested, together with our DJ's in an extraordinary, high tech sound system, which is unique in the whole region.
    It's a high end, professional line array sound system.
    Programmed to create minimal noise disturbance on outdoor weddings, because contrary to traditional speakers, it emits the music predominantly to the front.
    It provides superb music quality, while the onboard technology focusses the music towards the dance floor and the area immediately surrounding and behind the dance floor.
    If your venue is at the seafront, ideally the music will be directed to the dance floor, and then towards the sea.
    The system also actively controls the basses and the volume.
    You can enjoy perfect, super high-quality dance music on the dance floor. At the same time, neighbours will still be able to sleep with minimal or no disturbance. 
    It's not a 100% absolute guarantee, but it reduces the risk of complaints severely.

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