Indian weddings in Spain

Photo of a Indian wedding in Spain
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Indian weddings, particularly held in the country itself, are in a league of their own!
Those weddings are lavish and huge, never a one-day affair.
Many of the weddings range from a few days to a week or even ten days, depending on the form of planning and all the wedding-related functions.
That is certainly one key aspect defining Indian weddings; they are long, joyful occasions packed with colour, festivities and ceremonies. 

Although the country is so diverse in its population and home to many different ceremonies, some traditional wedding-related functions that you will find in India, spanning the different faiths ,

  • are the Marriage,
  • Mehendi function (where the bride and the women near her are adorned with henna patterns),
  • the Haldi or Pithi ceremony (where a turmeric paste is put on the bride and groom for beautification and blessing.
Indian weddings, of course, vary significantly from one part of the world to another, as the various cultures common to various states and regions give a special flavour to the weddings there.
Many Indian weddings attach great importance to custom and ritual, though some vary from household to household. 
For intercultural weddings on the rise, of course, nowadays a beautiful melting pot of assimilated religious ceremonies and celebrations is also seen.

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