How do destination weddings work for guests

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One of the critical elements of a successful and stress-free destination wedding is wedding guest abroad information.

Guests need to be able to plan their attendance well in advance.

It all starts with a 'save the date'.

We recommend to - right from the start - gives your guests the basic information about the planning, such as;

  • When; your wedding date 
  • Where; your wedding destination
  • Who; this includes, for example, if children are invited.
  • How; some basic travel info such as where to fly to, airport transfer, accommodation.
  • Before; any activities planned day(s) before the wedding, such as a welcome dinner.
  • After; any activities planned day(s) after the wedding, such as a brunch or excursion.

This info allows your guests to decide whether they're able and willing to attend if necessary, ask a few days leave from their work, etc.

Informing your guests, and answering their questions is not a part of the tasks of a wedding planner.

But at Costa blanca Events, we make even that very easy and stress-free for our wedding couples.

Our online wedding planner system Yoep-P takes care of it all.

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