How and when to start planning your wedding in Spain

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Some time ago, I wrote an article on how to plan your destination wedding using the 5W system.
It has been published on various international blogs about weddings abroad, and couples have found it very helpful.
In short, it all starts with 3 "W"s

We're based in Altea, in the Spanish Costa Blanca, which with 300 sun-days per year, not too hot in the summer and little chance of rain.
In short, it's an ideal climate for destination weddings in Spain.

We work with more than 30 superb venues; beach, seafront or sea view venues, inland venues and churches.

You can either choose your venue from the extensive photo gallery of our places, but if possible, we recommend to book a visit to come and see the venues for yourself.

Choosing between our 30 places to get married in Spain is excellent if it's available. If not, you either have to select another date or another venue. That's why "when" is the second "w". 

In choosing the date, you also need to check if all the persons who really need to be there can make it to the wedding.

From April to October, there is a tiny chain of rain, so it's safe to choose a wedding date. Still, even in the rest of the year, temperatures can be exceptionally mild. Hence, winter weddings in Spain are definitely an option.

Additionally, the region of Altea, where our office is located, together with neighbouring Albir and Benidorm benefits from a micro-climate.
This is because these towns are located between the sea and high mountains, shielding them from pollution and rain coming from inland Spain.

Finally, sunrise and sunset times can also be of relevance, in choosing the ideal time for your ceremony, which is why you can consult them on our climate page.

And in the unlikely forecast of rain, we will contact you to discuss the various options.
Apart from climate, are there other considerations to choose a day or date?

July and August are the 2 hottest, busiest, and also the most expensive months.
There is little or no difference in the cost of the wedding since we have negotiated fixed deals with all our venues and vendors.

However, since July and August are high seasons, flights and accommodations are more expensive, and some will also impose a more extended minimum stay.

April, May, the second half of September and October are - apart from the winter - the cheapest months.
There may be considerations regarding vacation of you and your guests.

Unless you want to plan your wedding all by yourself ( which we absolutely don't recommend ) you need to hire a wedding planner.
Someone who lives and works in your chosen destination, who's experienced and ensures that your wedding dream, becomes a dream wedding. That's your 'who'.

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