Hair and make up for guests

Hair and make up for guests
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If the bride has booked our hairdresser service, then guests can book this service too. 

The service is provided in the accommodation of the bride or in some cases in a salon (on request).
Guests must come to the appointment by their owns means of transport.

Just select the type of service you want, according to your hair type and hairstyle.
Shortly before the wedding, we will confirm the place and time of the appointment.
We'll also advise on how to come to the appointment ( hair washed on that day, wet or dry ).

Please also bring a photo of your desired hairstyle.

Hairpieces, extensions and complicated wedding hairstyles, can be subject to additional costs. 

We also recommend bringing your own lip gloss, so that you can apply the same later during the day.

If you're allergic to some types of makeup, we recommend bringing your own.

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