Guests speeches and acts

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Your family or friend is getting married, and you're thinking about how to surprise them.

Usually, the wedding couple only shares the basic info about their wedding day with their guests, not the details.

But as their wedding planners, we've been in close contact with them to carefully and meticulously plan the day.
So we know best when it will be the best time for you to do your surprise.

After all, you don't want to spoil their wedding day, by, for example, starting a speech when the waiters leave the kitchen with the main course of the wedding dinner.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact us and tell us about your plans.

Your secret/surprise is safe with us.

Together we'll decide when is the best moment.

On the wedding day, we'll make sure that everything is ready, and only the venue and vendors know what's about to happen.

If you need equipment, like an audio system, television, etc. we'll check if it's available, or if not, rent it for you.


Some couples absolutely don't want any speeches, acts or surprises.
If so, we ask them to advise their guests on their welcome page in Yoep-P.com.

You can advise us of your plans via Yoep-P.com.

  • Login to Yoep-p.com with your user name and password.
  • You can find these info texts on the home page or by clicking on 'my wedding.'


Often wedding couples order a guest book, photo booth, wish balloon, etc. themselves.
That's another reason why you really need to check your plans with us.

If they haven't ordered one of the options, it may be a good idea for you, possibly together with some friends, to order it from us as a surprise to the couple.
You can find all the options via the link to the wedding wishes page at the bottom of this page.



We recommend planning speeches between the courses of the wedding dinner. It's the best time since everyone is present and a sound system with a microphone is available.

Speeches during the reception after the ceremony are not very common since it's also the moment that photoshoots are organised.



A video or slide show is often a fun moment on the wedding day.

But most venues here in Spain don't have the necessary equipment, so it has to be rented at extra cost.

If so, we'll rent the equipment for you, but we don't take responsibility for it. 

We strongly recommend;

  • Create your photo's and videos in 1920 x 1080 px resolution
  • Limit the duration to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Save your photos in jpeg (jpg) format, and video files in all of the following file formats; .mp4 ( H. 264 MPEG-4), .mov, .avi. 
  • Then save these files in the 'root' directory of a USB memory stick of max 32 GB
  • Make several copies, just in case - for whatever reason - one doesn't work.  

Beamers for outdoor use are difficult to rent, and very expensive and don't work very well outdoors. So a large flat-screen television is the best option.

The brands and types of rental TV's vary, and we can only pick them up on the wedding day, so we cannot test your content in advance.
The equipment is available until the Costa Blanca Events team leaves the wedding, usually, shortly after the dance party has begun.
This, however, leaves enough time for the equipment to be used during the reception or dinner.

The rental price must be paid in full at time of reservation and is final. No refunds are allowed.


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