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Wishing tree, wedding guestbook, balloons ...what do you choose?
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On the wedding day, guests express their wishes to the wedding couple.
But what are the best options to do so?


The most classical one is a guest book.
A guest book is one, if not the most traditional option.
Unfortunately, guests are often reluctant to write something, and even if they do, it's usually only a short entry.
So, at the end of the day, the book will be nearly empty.

An option is for one of the guests to pass the book along during the dinner.
That's more likely to result in more entries, but it does create interruptions in the ambience of the dinner.


These individual cards are placed on the tables, together with pens.
Guests can write a wish at their own convenience. 
The cards can then be hung on one of the below options.


Is a fully automated 'Selfie photosystem'. Guests stand before the booth, press a button, and after a 3-2-1 countdown, a photo is taken.
The photo is then printed, and the guests can write a wish on the back.
The photos can then be hung on one of the below options.
After the wedding, the photos are also available digitally.


A beautiful, white, artificial wish tree is placed near the dinner tables.
Guests hang the 'I wish cards' or photos are in it.
Once the dinner is over, and the dance party is well underway, the tree is emptied and the cards or photos handed to the wedding couple.
After that, the tree is removed.


A rope is suspended between 2 trees or other supports in the venue.
Guests hang the 'I wish cards' or photos on the drying line.
The advantage over the I wish tree, is that the drying line is not removed by us.
It's up to the wedding couple, or the guests to secure the cards or photos at the end of the dance party.


Is a wooden frame, with a glass front and a piggy bank slot on the top.
It comes with wooden hearts, on which guests can write a short wish.
When done', they're slid into the frame, ready for the wedding couple to take home as a touchable memory of the wishes on their wedding day.  


A Thai fortune lampion is a great eastern tradition, a rice paper 'balloon' with a lit candle below which heats the air in the balloon and makes it fly.
Because it can be hot in Spain, and the lampion uses an open flame, they're prohibited in Spain.
But of course, Costa Blanca Events has found a great alternative, just as lovely, but without the fire risk!
A giant wish helium-filled wish balloon with light, on which guests write their wishes during the wedding dinner. 
The helium makes the balloon go up, while the light ensures that you can still see the balloon from kilometres distance.
After dinner, photos are taken while the balloon is released...

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