questions to ask wedding planner abroad

questions to ask wedding planner abroad
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This website should already answer a lot of your questions, but undoubtedly you'll have more.

Here is a list of most frequently asked questions with a link to the page that gives the answer.

But during a no-obligation video call, we can go into more detail about each question, and answer your personal questions.

  • Can I celebrate all my wedding in the open? (1.3)
  • What is the best month for a wedding in Spain? (1.2)
  • What are the venues? (3.1)
  • How much is the cost of a wedding in Spain? (7.1)
  • What is the average cost per person? (7.8)
  • What is included? (9.5)
  • Who pays for what? (7.2)
  • Can I get legally married in Spain? (33.1)
  • What menu options are there? (16.46)
  • What are the advantages of hiring a wedding planner? (14.2)
  • What is the task of a wedding planner? (21.2)
  • What is the cost Of Costa Blanca Events? (22.1)
  • What happens if it rains? (14.8)
  • What is the name of our venues? (3.15)
  • Can I bring my own decorations? (14.6)
  • How do I start planning my wedding? (14.1)
  • When do I have to pay? (25.3)
  • When do I send out the invitations? (28.8)
  • What is the cost of accommodations? (16.3)
  • How do I bring my wedding dress? (28.10)

A wedding is one of the most personal events of a lifetime, so we want to listen to your ideas and preferences.

The best way to do that is during a no-obligation video.

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