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Costa Blanca Events plans your dream wedding in Spain without a fixed wedding planner fee!

On our 'cost of a wedding planner' page, we've explained the cost of most wedding planners to cover their work, overhead costs, and make a living.

So how are we able to do it for free?

The reason is 3-fold. 

  1. 1 ) Costa Blanca Events also has overhead costs, but ours is much lower than other wedding planners. And yes, we too have to make a living.
    But the significant advantage we have is that we're can spread them over 40-45 weddings per year, much more than most wedding planners.
    So our overhead cost and cost of living per wedding is much lower.
  2. Because we so many weddings, we're able to negotiate exclusive deals with our venues and vendors.
    They guarantee the best price for our wedding couples but still leave some margin which comes on top of our wedding planner commission.
  3. Most wedding planners have to outsource everything.
    At Costa Blancas Events, we continuously invest in materials. So instead of renting or outsourcing, we can provide these services to our wedding couples. 
    It makes it cheaper for them, gives them better guarantees, and is an extra source of revenue for us.

Lower overhead costs combined with many weddings which each produce a sum of various small revenues, that's our secret!

So why are other wedding planners unable to offer this.

And the reason for that is simple too ; Yoep-P

Read all about it on our Yoep-P online wedding planner system page (28.5)

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