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The first dance is one of the most romantic moments during a wedding in Spain
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The traditional 'first dances wedding etiquette' still stands, but mainly on very formal weddings.

Over time, parents often have new partners, or some are deceased, which potentially can create awkward situations.
Additionally, the wedding couple may also have less traditional views on the wedding.

But let us start with the proper first dance etiquette ;

  • First dance: the wedding couple
  • Second dance: Bride with her father ( or the person who gave her away ), groom with the bride's mother
  • Third dance: Parents of the bride, groom with his mother.

The dance party then really starts when the bride dances with the best man, the groom with the maid of honour and the parents of the bride and groom dance as a couple.
Followed by the bride who dances with the groomsmen and the groom dancing with the bridesmaids.

Eventually, all the wedding guests should have some time on the dance floor.

Remember that all of these traditions are editable. 
There may be variables that prevent tradition, such as a disabled or deceased parent. 

Remember that the main goal is for you and your guests to have fun.

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