Destination wedding photographer or videographer

Destination wedding photographer or videographer
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Nothing is better than the memories of an unforgettable wedding day., but memories fade with time.

Photos and video are ideal for keeping them alive.

But they also allow you to share your precious moments with friends and colleagues who did not attend the wedding.

Unfortunately, these best moments cannot be repeated, so it's essential that your photographer exactly knows what's going to happen.

Our photographers and videographers know how we work, understand our ceremonies, and the hidden signals we use to guide them.  

That way, they'll be best positioned, with the right camera and lens to make the best shots.


From experience, we know that photos and videos made by family or friends, and even by professional photographers with whom we don't work regularly, always lead to disappointment.


But each photographer or videographer is an artist, who works according to his style and creativity.

Therefore we want to offer our couples a choice between two different agencies.

Each of them with their own packages, prices and style.

So you can choose the right one for your preference and budget.

PC Photographers

PC Photographers is a studio of which the owner and the chief photographer is a member of the very select European association of professional photographers (F.E.P.). 

They are initially from Italy but have lived and worked in Spain for many years. They speak Italian, English and Spanish.

EM Photographers

EM-photographers is a studio whose owner is a former professor of photography at the University of Elche, Spain. They are younger, but also have a lot of experience. The owner speaks Spanish and English, his wife, who accompanies him, speaks Spanish, English and Dutch. 


We have portfolios and some videos of both to help you make the best choice.

On request, we can even give our couples access to one or more galleries and/or videos of former brides and grooms who have given us permission to do so.



The number of photos taken by the photographers on the wedding day depends on the chosen package. 

But they always take much more photos taken than the number that you have ordered in advance.

After the wedding, they select the best photo of each shot.

These images are processed, edited and optimised, which sometimes results in a black and white or sepia image.

When done, a gallery with all the best shots and at least 10% more photos than you've ordered is uploaded to a secure server. 

The online gallery which is only accessible with the login and password they provide.

Then, you can select the photos you want, based on the number included in your package or pay a small extra fee to have them all.

Some adjustments, like changing a colour photo to black and white, can still be done, but the reverse requires a full re-editing of the image, which is subject to a surcharge.



The number of recordings made by videographers on the wedding day depends on the chosen package.

They always shoot a lot more material than needed to make a video of the ordered duration.

We always recommend choosing a package that includes video throughout the day. 

Because if no recordings are made, they cannot include them later in your video.

A trailer is an 'artistic montage of fragments to give a short impression of an event'.

A ceremony video is ideal for capturing the special moments a photo cannot. The unforgettable moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. When the couple shares their vows, or say I do.

The readings, the signing of the certificate, and the music during the ceremony.

A wedding day video, on the other hand, is ideal for capturing all the magical moments of the wedding day.

The videographers start when the bride is getting ready.

They continue to make the best recordings throughout the day, until and including the beginning of the dance party.


After the wedding, they select the best recordings of each shot.

These images are processed, edited and optimised.

Sometimes the videographer has so much footage that he can make a longer or a second video.

If so, we'll contact the wedding couple to ask if they are interested in an upgrade.


Then the videographer edits a video based on the chosen video type and style, using his creativity and artistic freedom. Just like a painter, it is not possible to guide or assist the videographer.

After delivery, up to 2 corrections are included. 

Examples of corrections are replacing one scene by another one of equal duration, or removing a piece of a clip.


When done, the video is exported in HD, and once delivered, that ends the work of the videographers.

It is not possible to obtain the 'raw' images or the fragments that are not used in the video.


If you have chosen a location outside our working area, extra costs will apply. 


External photo or videography is only possible if the person is in compliance with Spanish social security laws.


We reserve the right to use the photos and videos for promotional purposes, but we never publish images in which people are recognisable unless the couple has given us permission to do so. 

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