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Costa Blanca Events is one of the best wedding planners in Spain.

We're professional, very experienced and offer an excellent, personal full wedding planning service.

Because so many wedding couples entrust their destination wedding to us, we're able to negotiate great deals, and we don't charge a fixed wedding planner fee.

So there is no need to plan the wedding yourself.

You'll never be able to negotiate the prices and conditions for your one-time wedding like we do for our approximately forty Costa Blanca Weddings per year.

And since we don't charge a fixed wedding planner fee, you wouldn't save any money either.

So the best way for getting married in Spain is to entrust the planning to a Costa blanca Events.

We're certified, full-time professional wedding planners since 2009.

Since then, then we've created perfects weddings for over 500 wedding couples coming from all over the world.

We live in the area, so we know the local laws, best venues, providers, etc.

We're originally from Belgium, and we speak Spanish, English, Dutch, French and German.

So why wait, make an appointment now for a no-obligation video call during which we listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and explain about venues, costs, how to plan, etc.

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Or make a no obligation appointment during which I'll listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and discuss venues and costs for your wedding in Spain

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