Cost of weddings in Spain

Bride looking at the budget for her dream wedding in Spain.
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Spain is amongst the wedding destination who offer the best value for money, and a lot cheaper than most other European destinations.

Especially the Costa Blanca is considered a cheap and great value for your money wedding destination.

Flights to the region are frequent and cheap, with lots of choice between airlines, and 3 international airports.

Once you've arrived, the airport to accommodation transport is very well organised and very affordable.

We've negotiated exclusive deals with a selection of accommodations.

Via our systems, you can book accommodations starting as cheap as approximately 25 € per person and per night, depending on the date and chosen accommodation.

On top of that, Costa Blanca Events does not charge a fixed wedding planner fee!

No wonder that so many couples decide to entrust their dream wedding to us.

Each wedding couple has other preferences, chooses a different venue, wedding setting, flowers and decorations, reception, dinner, etc... In short, each wedding is different, and as a result, also the cost of each wedding is different.

But on this page, we'll explain the various types of costs and who pays for them.

But we understand that you want a more specific, and immediate answer to the question 'How much does a wedding in Spain cost'?

That's why we've created our free online wedding budget calculator.

You enter the estimated number of guests to your wedding, and the system immediately creates a detailed wedding plan and budget for you, without any commitment whatsoever.

User friendly and transparent, so you immediately have an idea of the cost of weddings in Spain.

So, that being said, a wedding in Spain is undoubtedly not more expensive than a wedding in your own country.

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