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If you compare the total cost of a wedding in one venue, with the total in another one, the difference can be huge.
This difference can have various reasons ;

1) Renting cost :
Some venues charge a substantial renting fee.
Venues which have their own catering usually keep the rent low, because their profit comes from the catering services they provide.
But in venues where external catering must be contracted, the only income for the owners is the rent, which, therefore, can be quite high.

2) Catering :
Venues which have their own catering, usually also have their own menus, which are often typically Spanish and not to international standards.
This is especially so for meat and side dishes.
So we've ordered a renowned chef to created special Costa Blanca Events menus.
They're are sufficiently defined for our wedding couples, but leave enough room for the venues' chef to adapt the dish to his style and presentation. 
Our chef has also defined the prices venues may charge for them.
Often they're significantly lower than the venues' own menu prices.
But each of our venues is allowed to define which menu level is their minimum.
They're also allowed to charge a small fixed fee for our menus, which we included in the total cost of the venue.

3) Transport and accessibility :
Some venues are difficult to access for catering or vendors.
Or they impose restrictions on delivery days and times, which make it for vendors more difficult, and therefore more expensive to provide their services.

4) Inevitable additional services
In some venues, for example, additional lighting is required if you want to dine in the evening. In some extra decorations may be inevitable, or a toilet lady.
These services will be listed separately as surcharges in your wedding plan.

The above four costs are summarized and result in a 'venue level' like 'Budget', 'Bronze', 'Silver', 'Gold', 'Platinum' or 'Diamond'.

For most of our services, the level corresponds to a specific price.
For venues, this is not the case. 
But the level does help you to compare the total cost of your wedding between venues.

But of course, we can even better explain the differences during a no-obligation video call.

If you choose a venue of a higher level than the one included in your wedding arrangement, you'll need to pay a surcharge.

This cost is then distributed by Costa Blanca Events over the venue and vendors.

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