Cheap weddings in Spain

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Is it possible to celebrate cheap weddings in Spain?
The answer is yes since Spain is one of the countries that offer the best value for money.
Of course, it depends on your definition of 'cheap'.
Is the sum of all the costs, for you and all of your guests, including travel and accommodation, higher than getting married in your home country?
Yes, of course.
But then, the guest list of a destination wedding is usually shorter, saving you money on persons attending whom you only see on weddings and funerals.
And according to wedding etiquette, guests pay for their own travel and accommodation expenses. (see our page who pays for what) 
So, your guest list is limited to the persons you really want to attend, and since you don't pay for their expenses, your total cost will probably not exceed the cost of a home country wedding.
But the experience will be totally different!
On top of that, we don't charge any fixed wedding planner fee!

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