Ceremony seating plan

The ceremony seating plan helps guests to get seated
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In the seating plan, you choose the number of chairs per row, and the number of rows. You also choose between a 'formal' or an 'informal' plan. 

In a formal seating plan, the wedding couple is seated with their backs towards their guest.

In an informal seating plan, the wedding couple is diagonally facing the guests and the officiant. 

The informal seating plan is less traditional, and there is more (eye) contact during the ceremony, often making it emotional. 

The plan is created by your wedding planner, based on your guest list.

We look at the family relation and the functions you've assigned to some of your guests.

Then, based on wedding etiquette, these guests will have reserved seating, always together with their partners.

Other guests will have free seating behind the reserved seating area.

Our wedding arrangements include personal welcome cards for each guest, which shows them if, and if so, where they have reserved seating for the ceremony.

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