Ceremonial car and transport for wedding party and guests

A ceremonial car is included during your wedding in Spain
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In most venues, it's possible for the bride and the person who gives her away to arrive in a ceremonial car. It certainly adds to the magical moment when the wedding couple sees each other for the first time.

Why is the ceremonial car always included in our wedding arrangements?

The answer is simple because it's by far the most beautiful and best option for the arrival of the bride.
What are the advantages? 

  • The time that the groom and guests must wait for the arrival of the bride is significantly shortened.
    Especially in summer, when temperatures can be high, this a huge advantage.
  • The bride can wait in the comfort of an air-conditioned car until all guests are seated.
  • The bride will only be seen when she arrives at the ceremony, instead of walking from afar.
  • The ceremonial car is driven by our wedding coordinator, who coordinates the arrival, and opening of the doors with the photographers so they can make the best shots.
  • The car is then silently parked away, so there is no disturbance of this magical moment

Can I bring my own car?

Yes, you can, but we highly recommend to have our wedding coordinator take over the wheel for the last part.
This ensures that your guest can take a seat before the arrival of the bride. 

So what about transport for other members of the wedding party?
In Spain, they usually arrive together with the other guests at the ceremony venue.
But, if you want, we can also arrange separate ceremonial transport for them.

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