Advantages of a wedding planner

Advantages of hiring a wedding planner, stressed out bride versus a relaxed bride
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You're a well-organized person and a good planner, and you have attended numerous weddings.
Does that make you a wedding planner? No, nor is a person who is a frequent flyer, a pilot.

Your wedding should be one of the most beautiful days of your lives, one to remember for many years to come.
A day without stress or worries, because they will make it impossible to truly enjoy every second because before you know it, the day will be over.

The internet is full of testimonies, and videos of weddings gone horribly wrong.

A good, professional and experienced wedding planner will spend time listening to the wishes and preferences of the wedding couple.
Discuss potential problems in the planning, since often couples underestimate the time required for each part of the wedding plan.

If the timing in the planning is not right, delays can accumulate, creating big problems for caterers, for example.
Dance parties commencing much later, sometimes even so that elderly guests have left before the firsts dances.

Does that mean that on the wedding day everything is rigorously timed?
No, on the contrary, it means that the wedding planner has used his experience to create a plan with flexibility for even spur-of-the-moment changes.
In wedding planner jargon, we call them 'buffers' and we include them in the planning.

A professional and experienced wedding planner also knows the climate conditions, sunset times, and plans the wedding, keeping all of these in mind.
There is no (wedding) place in the world where it never rains, so even in areas ( like the Costa Blanca ) where the chance is minimal, a good wedding planner always has a 'plan B'.

Keeping this in mind, it's already very demanding for a wedding planner to plan your wedding in your home country.

Imagine how challenging it must be for you, of for a wedding planner in your country, to plan a wedding thousands of miles away.

Add to that, the differences in culture, not knowing the venues or vendors.

And specifically in the cast of Spain where few people, even in the wedding industry, speak very well English, there is the additional language barrier.

So, what are the advantages of hiring a wedding planner?
Well, that depends.

  • If you hire a local wedding planner in your home country, to plan your wedding abroad,, then the advantages are minimal.
  • If you hire a wedding planner without experience, things may even be worse.
  • But if you hire
    • a professional, experienced wedding planner 
    • who lives and works in your wedding destination
    • speaks your language and the local language
    • knows the best venues and vendors
    • has negotiated great deals for the services you'll need
    • Then the advantages will be immense!

Costa Blanca Events is all of the above and is considered Spain's best wedding planner.

And because so many wedding couples entrust their dream wedding in Spain to us, we don't even have to charge a fixed wedding planner fee!

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