Wedding accommodation in the Costa Blanca

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A wedding in Spain is not over and done within one day, that much is clear!
Usually, the guests fly in and stay a few nights in Spain, often more.
If you have been on a tour of the venues and accommodations with us, then we've discussed the various options with you during the visit.
If not, you can find all info, description, photos and prices of the accommodations we work with on our online systems.
Accommodations in the Costa Blanca offer great value for money.
Especially since we have negotiated exclusive deals, starting as low as 20 € per person and per night.
Prices depend on the accommodation chosen, and season.
Based on our info, bride and groom select the accommodation(s) they wish to suggest to their guests.
It's absolutely recommendable to limit the number of accommodations, where your guests will be staying.
If your guests are staying in lots of different accommodations in the area, then chances of all guests arriving in time for the wedding are close to zero.
Or it will require extensive organisation, transport and costs to bring your guests to the venue, and back after the party.
Rental cars are absolutely not advisable on the wedding day.
In Spain, as in most other countries, drinking and driving is a terrible idea, and alcohol controls are widespread.
Taxies are often challenging to come by.
They and cannot be booked in advance,
This often results in long waiting for guests who want to return to their accommodation, which is very inconvenient for them.
Therefore, choosing only one accommodation is ideal, because it creates the best ambience within the group, especially if it's a small group. It also saves on transport, makes it easier for guests to book hairdresser, makeup artist, etc.
Finally and most importantly, it reduces the risk of guests arriving late on the day of your wedding.
But what if your accommodation of preference cannot sleep all your guests, or you suggest a luxury hotel, which not all of your guests can afford.
Then we recommend suggesting a maximum of 3 accommodations to your guests, in different price ranges.
A hotel is the most flexible choice, and we have negotiated great deals with various hotels in the region.
Some hotels, especially during high season, impose a minimum number of nights, often 2 or 3, especially in the weekend, while others allow a stay of just one night.
Most hotels include breakfast, making the stay very relaxed since you don't need to go out for breakfast or buy food in the supermarket. It's a luxury too, rooms are cleaned, beds made, etc...
And it doesn't have to be expensive since we have negotiated exclusive deals and great hotel wedding packages.
Have a look at the accommodations section on our photo gallery website
A finca is the name of a traditional Spanish villa.
There are thousands of villa's and apartments for rent in the Costa Blanca. By law, they must be registered as a tourist accommodation, which offers some form of guarantee on quality. Unfortunately, the majority of owners still haven't registered their rental property, and continue to rent out often dated, poorly maintained villas.
Apartments and villas are usually rented out per week, from Saturday to Saturday, especially in high season.
This is often a problem since most likely, the majority of your guests will not stay for a whole week.
Often costs like final cleaning, use of electricity, internet, airconditioning, etc.. are charged extra, making the total cost often higher than a hotel.
Usually, there is also a deposit, usually paid by the wedding couple, which they lose in case of damages.
But a rental property does offer a lot of freedom and privacy.
You get up when you want, no queue at the restaurant, do what you want, and everything in the complete privacy of your group.
Therefore, as wedding planners, we've selected a limited number of finca's, villas and apartments which are perfect for groups.
They offer great value for money, and we can monitor their quality.

Costa Blanca Events has it's own, proprietary accommodation booking system, which makes it easy for you and your guests to book,
and all our accommodations offer the lowest price guarantee!

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