COVID-19 Update

The Spanish Government has passed a bill for a state of emergency until May 9th 2021.
The purpose thereof is to allow the federal or regional governments to impose restrictions necessary to deal with the situation and spreading of the virus in for the whole Spanish territory or in specific areas.
If federal or regional restrictions are imposed, it does not mean that they will remain imposed for the whole period, and will be evaluated on a regular basis.
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How COVID-19 can affect your wedding

We understand the concerns about the coronavirus COVID19, and we, too, keep a close eye on its evolution.

Therefore we’ve created this blog post(s), to inform our couples and their guests of ;

  • The situation of the virus in our region ( on our COVID-19 update page )
  • The options and conditions for postponement or cancellation

Although international media are reporting on the situation in Spain as a whole, the truth is that the situation is very different across the autonomous regions of Spain, as shown on the map on the following link ;


We’re based in Altea, approximately halfway between Valencia and Alicante, on the east coast.

However, regardless of these differences, the measurements taken by the Spanish government are for the whole territory, and foreign governments and airlines have imposed additional travel restrictions.

Nobody knows when these measurements and restrictions will end, but it’s assumed that they will be lifted gradually as soon as the virus is under control.

Meanwhile, we understand that our wedding couples have been looking forward to their dream wedding for a long time and that the uncertainty about their planned wedding must be a huge disappointment.

Depending on the time remaining to the wedding date, decisions must be taken.

If your wedding was scheduled on a date while the restrictions are still in effect, then it’s obvious that postponement is the only option.

If your wedding is scheduled on a later date, then the decision is more difficult.

Nobody knows at what date the situation will return to normal and restrictions are lifted, making it possible to celebrate your wedding as planned.

This may not alone create uncertainty for you as the wedding couple, but also for guests who need to make or change their travel arrangements.

Though it may be possible to further delay the decision to postpone the wedding - depending on the planned date - we understand that wedding couples may want to decide to already set a new date.

But we don’t want to be the reason for the postponement, so unless the government or travel restrictions are in place on your planned wedding date, we’re keeping everything in place.

However, if you do want to postpone, below please find the options, but you’re more than welcome to make an appointment for a video call to discuss the options in person.

Make an appointment for a video or personal meeting


If you decide to proceed with the wedding as planned, while restrictions or extra requirements are still in place, we, of course, are required to adapt to them, but 
we'll try our very best to minimize the effect of these regulations as much as possible,

First of all, we recommend our wedding couples prior to the wedding to - as much as possible - avoid exposure, and to recommend their guests to do the same.
Do not attend the wedding If you’re unsure about your health, infection or if you have symptoms.
As a protective precaution, we reserve the right to deny persons (staff, guests and anyone attending or cooperating with the wedding) access to the wedding if they show symptoms.

These restrictions or obligations may require us to take charge or to change, even at last minute if required, the planning and proceedings of the wedding, such as a.o. the setting, movements of the wedding couple, guests and staff, dinner setting and distribution, catering, menu and (dance) party.

Throughout the wedding, everyone will need to abide to the requirements and obligations on a.o. social distancing, mouth masks, the maximum number of people per table, etc., and again we reserve the right to deny persons further attendance if they do not respect any of the restrictions or obligations, or as a last resort cancel the further proceedings.

Any of the above shall be decided unilaterally by the wedding planners and can never result in any refund or compensation.

If any of these requirements impose extra organisation, rental equipment or other costs, we will advise the wedding couple as soon as possible, and request payment for them.

Proceeding with the wedding means that you'll accept all above, and you agree to contact and get the agreement of your guests with these terms.


I cannot but start to explain the options by referring to our general conditions of use and sale, to which you have agreed when you booked the wedding. You can find them via the following link ;


That being said, and because this a truly exceptional situation, we’ve contacted our venues and vendors to discuss and negotiate the options for any postponements due to the Corona virus, and it has not been easy, because a lot of them are facing harsh financial times.

Venues and vendors have agreed to evaluate each request for postponement individually, based on the foreseeable situation and restrictions on the planned wedding date, and based on the following situations ; 

If you wish to postpone a wedding which is planned on a date where restrictions in Spain, or travel restrictions between your country of origin and Spain are in place, or on a date within 6 months of such restrictions, and your new date is on a Monday to Thursday, then most venues and vendors are likely to agree to not charge a change of date fees. 

Since Spanish weddings are almost exclusively celebrated on weekend days ( Friday, Saturday or Sunday ), and there are only so many weekend days in the wedding season, they may charge a fee if your new date is on a weekend.

If you wish to change a date for a wedding which is still more than 6 months in the future, then the change of date fees will apply, because they consider that 6 months is sufficient time for you and your guests to make arrangements.

In both cases, surcharges - for example if you change to a date which is more expensive than the original date, or because prices have increased - will still apply.  

If you decide to postpone, we kindly request you to send us a list of minimum 4 dates, preferably more, so that we can contact the venues and vendors already contracted by you to check availability.

Once we have obtained one or more dates that all are available, we will advise you, with - if any - applicable extra costs - with the request to confirm the new date within 3 working days, because venues and vendors in these situations are not able to block the new date for you, until so instructed.

Then, once confirmed, we’ll update your wedding script accordingly.


In this case, the standard conditions of use and sale will apply, paid amounts are not refundable, and extra payment for cancellation costs may be due.


With the hotel SH Villa Gadea, we've negotiated the conditions for postponing or cancelling reservations, and I think we've obtained a good result.

These are different situations ;

1 ) You've booked a room choosing the 'non-refundable' rate on the hotel website via the special link we've provided for your group.

In this case, the rate is 'non-refundable' which means that you would lose your booking without refund or possibility to change to another date.

However, we've negotiated that you can change your booking to another date.

But if you wish to cancel, then the hotel will only refund if the hotel is closed due to lockdown on the days of your planned stay.

2 ) You've booked a room choosing the 'standard' rate on the hotel website via the special link we've provided for your group.

In this case, the rate is 'refundable'  and you can either change your booking (*) or cancel with a full refund, but it's important to do this asap.

3) You've booked via another website. In this case, we cannot help or mediate for you.

In situations 1 and 2, please send an email to the hotel ( In English ) with your booking reservation number and your decision to change or cancel the booking. 

All changes are of course subject and conditional to availability on the new date and subject to payment of any difference in price between the original booked date, room type and duration, and the new one.


Since long, we've been advising our wedding couples on our websites, and in our general terms of use and sale, to contract wedding insurance, but even if you did, not all policies will cover for these exceptional circumstances, so please contact your agent.


We know that these are difficult times for all, and above all, our thoughts go to all the persons who have lost family members or friends, or who are sick, and to all the people who are working so hard to take care of their loved ones or patients.

Our thoughts also go to all who are working so hard to maintain a working society, in so many sectors.

Finally, our thoughts also go the many businesses, who have been forced to suspend their activities until further notice, and are facing difficult financial times.


Recrea Service & Consulting SL, c.q. Costa Blanca Events, is a Spanish limited company, with a solid financial base, and minimal fixed infrastructure and costs, so there is no reason to worry about us not surviving this crisis.

We’ll stand strong, waiting for the situation to return to normal, so we can continue creating dream weddings for many more couples to come.

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